Technology is an integral part of our lives anymore. If there ever was a question about this, the work and life style changes due to COVID-19 has made this point abundantly clear. During this period, we have also heard from so many people about the lack of accessibility to applications and Websites, highlighting the importance of Digital Accessibility, for individuals as well as businesses.

I design programs to achieve digital accessibility of products for all people.

There are many fantastic User Experience (UX) Designers, Visual Designers, Digital Accessibility practitioners, and Strategists available to select from to work on your projects. So, why choose Seda Maurer Consulting (SMC)?

Simple! Very few individuals, have the collective in depth knowledge, experience, and understanding of these unique disciplines to bring you reliable solutions and help you succeed!

Here are a few points of consideration of what SMC can provide for your organization:

  • Train employees on Digital Accessibility (DA)
  • Collaborate with Leadership on DA needs
  • Assist the Leadership in Risk Management
  • Collaborate with Teams on the implementation
  • Collaborate with UX Designers on DA
  • Audit Designs and Products for their status

And, here are some of the strengths that you will have with SMC:


As a skilled strategist who understands what it takes to make a product successful, I will help your business to create workable plans and solutions for the User Experience of your product, including establishing organization-wide policies and guidelines to achieve your Digital Accessibility goals.

Three of my Experience Cases.

Problem Solving

Having a proven record of leadership and problem solving, I will work with all stakeholders and collaborate with the the key players across your organization to establish achievable goals to meet compliance.

Successful Designs

Digital Accessibility begins with the User Experience (UX) Designs. As an advocate of Human-Centric and Inclusive Designs, I will help you achieve the best experiences and minimize financial risks. Skilled in generative and evaluative research methods, including ethnographic studies and usability studies, I will help you in the creation of personas and conduct Design Thinking sessions. Together, these practices will assist you in identifying opportunities and requirements, and maintain focus on what needs to be developed.


An advocate of Eco Design and Development, I will help you in establishing standards and reusable patterns that optimizes the user experience, the developing cost, and the learning process for the people who use your products. Applications based on predictable and intuitive behaviors bring delight to the users’ experience, while reducing the need for customer support. Thus, reducing costs!

Let’s Talk!

Digital Accessibility begins with the Designs and ends with clean and good semantics of the Code tested by people with all types of abilities and disabilities!

If your products are not compliant yet, I can help you with evaluating their status. I will also suggest solutions to meet compliance, that will work for your organization’s product life cycle model.

Contact me for a free remote consultation.

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