About Me

Seda Sookias Maurer

I am a leader in user experience design and an advocate for all users, including those with any physical or cognitive constraints. I believe that having empathy is critical in designing inclusive and effective products:

“Empathy is the next differentiator for any successful product!”

I was instrumental in strategizing, leading, and establishing the Digital Accessibility Program, at Sabre. I have an extensive experience as a lead UX Designer of enterprise-level applications and eCommerce Websites. I leverage this experience and expertise to identify the Digital Accessibility touch points required in the product life cycle process of the organization. I consulted and advised with the UX Leadership as well as all stakeholders in that process to achieve their compliance goals.

I have raised awareness of hundreds of people on Digital Accessibility at Sabre and previous work places, as well as through public speaking. In the past two years I put extra effort, such as developing advanced training, mentoring many UX Designers in becoming informed practitioners of Digital Accessibility.

I am passionate about Accessibility and have presented talks on Empathy and Digital Accessibly process and compliance at multiple Big Design Conferences, Access U Conferences, UTD, and the local chapters of UXPA and Ladies that UX. In 2023, in addition to Access U Conference, I also presentated at the CSUN Assitive Technology Conference.