COVID-19 Effects

Year 2020 has been a year of changes, to put it mildly!

I consider year 2020 the beginning of the COVID-19 Era. This virus has brought so many things to light, both good and bad!

COVID-19 has taken millions of lives, and destroyed thousands of livelihoods! This is so unfortunate and sad. When I watch the news about a young father with his little girl in his arms pointing to a few stuffed bags inside a stroller as their belongings since they are now homeless, it just breaks my heart.  When I hear about an elderly woman who had to call 911 to ask for the address to the nearest location where food is distributed, I want to weep. I remind myself that these are hard times for all of us in different ways and we all have to be strong and go through it, like marching through the worst storm possible!

Now, I’d like to talk a moment and mention the positive that I have seen during this period. I have seen the news about so many angels amongst us! Essential workers who display so much empathy that is beyond anyone’s expectations. The agents as 911 call center collecting donations for the caller who is hungry! People who share what they have, whether its money or goods, with others who need them more. And, so many others who contribute in small acts of kindness and love!

Yes! We will get through these hard times. I hope that we can all learn from these angels and do our jobs with dignity, integrity, love, empathy and care!

One of the most highlighted aspects of COVID-19 is how integral technology is in our lives anymore. Technology is what is helping us pull through it. And, how important Digital Accessibility is for all people.

I, too, have had my share of the unfortunate events. In many ways, this has been the worst year of my life, so far! However, I am too stubborn! I am one who doesn’t subscribe to the victim mentality and doesn’t give up easily. So, I do all I can to make things better, for myself and for everyone else around me. I regard starting the Seda Maurer Consulting services as one of these positive moves, for me, and hopefully for many others! I started this small business following my heart and my passion for Digital Accessibility!

As I mention before, Digital Accessibility is not an option. It never was! But, organisations have gotten away with putting out non-compliant applications and websites for so long. Of course, things started changing, especially since 2018, when the number of lawsuits for ADA compliance tripled in one year and keep increasing! We all know that we still have a long ways to go. This is why Seda Maurer Consulting was created. I will help businesses manage their risks, have better products, and be successful, while the people using their products are delighted by using them!

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